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The Un-Cola

Here’s what I drank while relaxing this Memorial Day weekend. Looking for a healthy alternative to soda? Just pick your favorite seltzer, squirt in some agave nectar to taste, and color with some ginseng extract if you please. Stir gently … Continue reading

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Back to School Shopping!

So I meant to post this a lot sooner (hence the September-y title) but was delayed by the opening of Gracie Farmington Valley. You’d be surprised of all the stuff you need to start a karate program from scratch! Here’s … Continue reading

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Home Dojo on a Dime

I’ve been thinking about this project for awhile.  I’m starting to offer private karate and fitness classes at home, and some of my buddies like to come and roll.  So I guess now there’s good reason to finally finish my … Continue reading

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DIY Deadlifting Kit

I’ve been focusing more on training strength and power since winter–especially exercises requiring multiple muscle groups like squats and bench press.  As athletes improve these movements, they often need to use pretty heavy weights.  But having big dumbbells, Olympic bars, … Continue reading

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More Video!

  Another new video is up on the Moai Martial Arts Facebook page.  Check it out and let us know what you think!  (Don’t forget to “Like” our page, so you can get all the latest updates and bonus material!)

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Dumpster UBE Machine

I went for a bike ride today, and, as usual, my legs were completely fried. I often work some reps with light weight to even out the workout, or I do some pullups and dips. This time I tried something … Continue reading

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My Secret Weapon

Who would have known a rolled up bathmat could be so handy?  I was using this to block a draft from the back door of my garage where I train, but Home Depot had a nifty heavy-duty draft stop that … Continue reading

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DIY – Grape Juice!

This is somewhat unrelated to the blog, but it’s fun.  The previous owner of my house planted Concord grapes, and I usually get a pretty good harvest from one very mature vine.  I usually eat a lot of them and … Continue reading

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