ALar’s take on UFC 158

How does Nick Diaz leave the Octagon with the belt on Saturday??? 

I’ll tell you!


I usually share my fight previews with you guys, but this week, I am going to do something a little different. Excuse me if I start to wax poetic, but the fact that we are just a mere 48 hours away from a possible Nick Diaz UFC title reign has me marking out as an MMA fan. The only force standing in the way of Nick’s reign is seemingly invincible long time 170 lb. King Georges St. Pierre. All things considered, Nick’s chances aren’t stellar against the Canadian Champ. At first glance, Nick’s main weakness is his takedown defense, and who is one of the greatest MMA wrestlers of all time??? Unfortunately for me, that GSP guy.  GSP could quite conceivably make this into a boring wrestling match where he has top control for 25 minutes, but I don’t want to talk about that possible snoozefest. I want to talk about what all the MMA fans out there want to know, how does Nick Diaz take the belt back to Stockton on Saturday????

strikeforce_brawlIn a perfect world for ALar the MMA fanboy, Nick Diaz wins Saturday night by 3rd round triangle. We all know Georges doesn’t want to get in the typical Diaz brawl( Example to the left…), but the stick and jab technique he pulled on Koscheck simply won’t work against Nick.  Early on, I can see Georges going for one combo and then shooting for the double leg. This will frustrate the streetfighter inside Diaz and likely lead to a few double birds and expletives shouted at the Champ. We saw George was somewhat susceptible on the feet against Condit earlier this year, though Nick’s striking style is vastly different than that of Mr. Condit’s. Nick’s style is the definition of ‘Punches in Bunches’, his incessant strikes don’t look like they do much damage, but if you take 1000 of them, they will leave your face looking as lumpy as a bad batch of mashed potatoes.  I am currently praying to the MMA gods that Nick is able to entice GSP into a bit of a brawl with a few steroids allegations and mentions of the word “pampered” in the cage. I have watched GSP for years, and have never seen him like this before a fight. The ice cold Canuck is usually calm and calculated in the lead up to his matches, but Nick seems to have flustered the infallible St. Pierre. Georges just wants this thing to be over, and that could lead him to a fatal mistake on Saturday…

Two years in the making...

Two years in the making…

In an MMA match, GSP clearly has the skills to win this one on the scorecards, but every fiber of my being hopes Nick Diaz turns this thing into a straight up Stockton street fight. (“Have you ever had a gun held to your head George!”) GSP hasn’t been in a real scrap a longggg time. Nick is under his skin, I mean, Nick has the talent to get under just about anyone’s skin, but he seems to have clearly irked ‘Rush’. This could very well cause GSP to leave his Octagon comfort zone and attempt to finish Nick (Woah, there! Pump the brakes ALar…).

Even my guy Bigg Rigg, (who is going to KO Condit this weekend) doesn't want any part of the Diaz scowl.

Even my guy Bigg Rigg, (who is going to KTFO Condit Saturday ) doesn’t want any part of the Diaz scowl!

If this is the case, as I pray it is, GSP may get a case of the “rage” blinders in an attempt to finish Nick while he on his back. Condit had a decent attack from his back in the last fight, but Nick’s BJJ is on another level than that of the so called “Natural Born Killer”. If he sees an opportunity to catch the Champ, he will, and millions of fans like me will erupt in pure elation. I hope this thing ends with GSP tapping his right hand and Nick saluting the loyal Montreal crowd with the good ol’ American double finger salute.  Imagine that scene??? Diaz fan or not, it will be an defining moment for the sport.

One of my favorite Diaz moments, I hope Saturday night becomes another

One of my favorite Diaz moments, I hope Saturday night becomes another

I see a Nick Diaz title reign as nothing more than a pipedream. I think there is about a 10% chance he takes the strap on Saturday, but that is 10% that I will be vehemently rooting for.  Nick Diaz as UFC champion would remind me and many other guys my age of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s championship run in the WWF back when we all cared about pro wrestling. While Austin charged into the arena with a beer truck and soaked the McMahons and slick WWF Champ Rock with fizzy goodness, could Nick Diaz win the strap and then light up a doobie and blow the smoke in Dana White and Joe Silva’s face??? Probably not, but we can dream can’t we? Nick Diaz does not fit the mold of the prototypical martial artist like GSP, Anderson Silva, and JDS do. Nick is the anti-hero, he  realizes it and plays the part like with the skill of a young Daniel Day Lewis. If Nick wins, I don’t see him holding on to the belt for all that long, but however long he has it will be a rollercoaster ride of entertainment for MMA fans across the globe.

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1 Response to ALar’s take on UFC 158

  1. Bill says:

    I think Georges will stand with him until getting hit. Then he’ll ride Diaz for a few rounds. Then Nick will pull a Tyson and we’ll get another brawl!

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