Why can’t we have nice things?


With our imaginary combat sports adversary boxing quickly approaching its biggest event in damn near decades, we sit here as MMA fans with our heads in our hands. Why can’t we have nice things!?

Our greatest Champion is on the run from the law. Or in custody. Or training for his next fight. Who knows…

The last PPV the UFC held was marred by lawsuits and the impossible nature of promoting a 125 lb. champion in today’s market.

Our folk hero Anderson Silva has become just another ‘roid junkie. 

GSP and Brock Lesnar, two of the brightest stars in the history of the sport have seemingly left for greener pastures.

And here we are. Attempting to defend our sports’ legitimacy to those old-timey, fedora wearing, cigar smoking boxing fans and we just can’t. The sport of MMA is in shambles.

For whatever reason, the UFC is going to continue to promote Jon Jones’ next fight in late May. If any card could stand to have a fight removed from it, it is UFC 187 which features likable, wholesome, and decent human beings such as Chris Weidman and Donald Cerrone. Though, the card also features less than desirable MMA representatives like Anthony Johnson and Vitor Belfort. What to do, what to do.

As fans of the this sport, we have to think about how our weird little contest looks to the outside world. Jon Jones is running around in the streets in a national Reebok ad one week, and literally running from the cops with wads of cash in the literal New Mexico streets the next. We need to be better. We can’t throw financial or vocal support behind individuals that have no remorse for their own actions. We loves this sport. We can all escape from real-life for a few hours on a Saturday night, drink some suds, and enjoy the highest form of athletic combat sports thanks to MMA. With each passing day, it becomes harder and harder to justify doing just that. How am I supposed to enjoy watching Jon Jones and Anthony Johnson fight for a gold belt and millions of dollars? Can they both lose?

With all that said, things can only go up from here… July 11th can’t get here soon enough…


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