There are two UFC Main Events this weekend, but are there really?

Macao UFC Fight Night Press Conference

How hard was it to pose these two chaps correctly?

There are two UFC events this weekend: One in the Asian gambling haven of Macau headlined by Michael Bisping and Cung Le, the other in the MMA hotbed of Tulsa, headlined by Benson Henderson and Rafael Dos Anjos. Quick! If I lined up Rafael Dos Anjos, Raphael Assuncao, and Renan Barao in a row, could you tell me who was who? Sadly, I doubt it.

While those two fights headline their respective shows, they don’t do much to move my MMA meter. The Bisping/Le fight should be entertaining, yet it means little in respect to the division. Cung Le is well past his MMA prime and seems to have found the fountain of youth… Michael Bisping is well, Michael Bisping. He talks a big game, yet fails to deliver in the cage. For his persona alone, he will always garner some media buzz, but he hasn’t looked like an elite fighter since 2011. I expect him to make relativly easy work of Le, who hasnt seen the cage since 2012.

I really want to watch these two guys fight, said no one ever...

I really want to watch these two guys fight, said no one ever…

As for the Tulsa card… Yes, that Tulsa… You know my feelings about Benson Henderson. He just doesn’t put butts in seats. He is a supremely talented fighter who fights a irrationally boring style. He picks imaginary fights with the media and doesn’t say a word to endear himself to the fans. I simply dont understand how his mind works outside of the cage. Dos Anjos has a similiar disposition to Henderson, meaning you wouldn’t be wrong if you mistook him for a bucket of wallpaper paste. He is nearly indistinguishable and hasn’t had any truly memorable moments in the cage. He racks together wins, but none that cause fight fans to stream to the web to comment about. Both fighters are tough as nails, but possess very little “It” factor. I expect Henderson to win, likely by decision, but as long as Anthony Pettis holds that title, Bendo will remain outside of the title picture.

tyron-woodley-mma-ufc-167-weigh-ins-850x560If you are going to watch one fight this weekend, it is on that afortmentioned Macau card. Tyron Woodley will be taking on Dong Hyun Kim in a match that will likely feature some ridiculously high level MMA. Both fighters habitat the Top 10 in the UFC Welterweight rankings and can end a fight with one blow. Stun Gun Kim’s striking attack is much more precise than T-Wood’s, but Woodley’s wrestling prowess cannot be denied. He has been able to neutralize strikers in the past (Daley, Saffiediene, Mein), but Stun Gun may be the most prolific yet.

Kim’s strikea comes from odd angles with an unorthodox cadence. He can rip a spinning elbow from nearly any position on the feet. To me, this makes the South Korean ‘cant miss TV’. Vegas sees Woodley as a slight favorite, but I don’t fall into that camp. I like Stun Gun to use his movement and precise striking to keep T-Wood at bay just like Rory Mac did. Though Stun Gun will finish the grappler. Look for an elbow to lead to a second round KO.


There it is, if you want one fight to watch this weekend, hop on Fight Pass and check out Stun Gun versus T-Wood!

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