No love: Prepare yourself for some Brandon Thatch scented violence!

Bring it, Broomfield!

Bring it, Broomfield!

Why go see 50 Shades of Grey this weekend when there is some ol’ fashioned cage fighting going down in Colorado?!? A little Rocky Mountain MMA has all the roughness, ruckus, and sadism you could ever ask for!

My loyal readers may or may not know who Brandon Thatch is. After Saturday night, you certainly will. To those “hardcore” readers out there, this headline probably woke you up from a PED news induced coma and you subsequently thanked the good lord that there was some serious human cockfighting taking place this weekend.

Photo props to EKC.

Photo props to EKC.

Opposing every MMA blogger’s favorite wunderkind Thatch will be Lightweight stalwart Benson Henderson. Henderson is making a short notice trek up to Welterweight in order to rid his mouth of the bad taste that his last loss to Cowboy Cerrone left. As much of a “Smooth” detractor as I’ve been over the years, I thought he beat Cowboy straight up. I believe the community at large thought that as well…

Even though their name recognition may be in different stratospheres, Thatch is a hell of a test for Henderson. The sharps in Vegas even have the two going off even, which frankly I’m shocked by. You’re telling me that a dude that has only beaten the likes of Justin Edwards and Paulo Thiago in the UFC has a fair shot at taking down the one-time Lightweight king?!??! Just take a look at these two videos and tell me you don’t think he does…

First off, Hatch is a HUGE welterweight. His lanky frame reminds me of Matt Brown, yet it seems someone just ran Brown through a Xerox machine at 1.5X and Thatch was created. Both brawlers throw every hard part of their body at their opponents with reckless abandon and won’t quit until the referee intervenes. Frankly, I dig that. The old kill or be killed mentality still rings true in some distant corners of MMA. Will that mindset work against such a noted strategist as Henderson? I think so.


You’re going to need those Illuminati forces on your side, Benson.

Henderson is jumping into this scrap pretty quickly after going 15 minutes with Cowboy. According to the judges, Cowboy maintained range and aggression when matched up with Bendo and outpointed him. In this fight, you think Ben would attempt to right any of his wrongs in the Cowboy fight by being the obvious aggressor. As evident above, that is not the right move against a cutthroat barbarian like Thatch. Dos Anjos walked at Henderson and demonstrated to the world that the slick wrestler had a fault to his game. I believe Brandon Thatch will do just the same as he rises up another ladder on the way to stardom.

Thatch is massive. While Henderson has long dwarfed his fellow 155ers, he will be lacking a distinct advantage against “Rukus.” The lengthy Thatch will cut off the cage on Bendo and provide some trademark brutality and finish the former champ in the second round. Bold, I know! Thatch by TKO.

What a 'do.

What a ‘do.

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