Can 35-year-old Frank Mir capture ‘Bigfoot’ Silva?

The answer is no. Simply, no.

Why, ALar?

Why, ALar?

In most of my blogs, I try to take a deep dive into the strategy and backstory behind UFC main events. For this one, I am going to more or less ask HOW and WHY Frank freakin’ Mir is headlining a UFC event in 2015.

Frank Mir has lost his last four fights. Usually after three the ol’ pink slip in the locker trick is pulled, but not for former Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir. I get it. He has a hell of a comeback story that you can spit out before every fight, but at this point, is he even competitive?

In a recent MMAJunkie article, he spouted out the quotation, “People train way too hard in the sport of MMA.” What?!?! Mr. Mir hasn’t been a world renowned gym rat throughout his career, but damn, give the viewing public some hope heading into this thing. Did I mention he was on TRT DURING the four fight losing streak?


Let’s take a quick look at those four L’s on his resume. Due to future opponent Alistair Overeem’s own testosterone fiasco, Mir was shifted into the UFC 146 Main Event for a date with Junior Dos Santos. JDS proceeded to obliterate the slower Mir in just over seven minutes. Next up, Frank welcomed Daniel Cormier to the UFC. The current Light Heavyweight contender controlled Mir for 3 rounds with relative ease. Little to no offense was seen from Fransisco Santos Mir III in that tilt. Sure, that’s a tough two-fight run. Let’s toss him in there with another old-school grappler, Josh Barnett. Surely, Frank and The Warmaster will make the Octagon look like the staging floor for this year’s ADCC, right? Wrong.

Barnett flash KO’d Mir with a knee in the first round. Add in an utter domination at the hands of Alistair Overeem and Frank Mir has looked WELL past his prime since May of 2012. He hasn’t seen cage time since last February, yet here he is, headlining a already light UFC card.

Even with Bigfoot coming off a KO loss to Andrei Arlovski, I still fully expect him to put one of his metric ton fists on Mir’s chin and end this thing early. If this card isn’t a prime example of the UFC stretching itself too thin, I don’t know what is.



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