The Ronda Show: A Glimpse at the UFC 184 Main Event

As MMA fans, we should cherish every single time Ronda Rousey fights. She isn’t going to be here forever. Even with her budding star power and excellent displays of brutality, it’s still hard to get amped up for this weekend’s pay-per-view card. Sure, injuries ravaged the Main Event, but what card hasn’t been hit by the bug lately?

16 seconds.

16 seconds.

Ronda Rousey is a unique occupant of this MMA bubble we all occupy. We should all make an effort to tune in whenever she fights, even if that involves suffering through Alan Jouban vs. Richard Walsh fight on the MAIN CARD… Ms. Rousey will go down as a legend. As a pioneer. She very well could be the best athlete in the UFC today. If we even give the slightest of a damn about the growth and legitimacy of this sport, we should have some eyes on the Main Event Saturday night.

See how I wrote that whole intro and didn’t even mention Ronda’s opponent? The same thing happened this week when Ronda sat down for a scrum with the entirety of the MMA media. Cat Zingano should not be forgotten this weekend, even though it seems Rousey’s spat with a bikini clad ring girl is getting more clicks in the MMA blogosphere than actual Championship analysis. (No need for links to that one…)

Zingano has an absolutely heart-wrenching story. She has been through A LOT. She deserves this opportunity more than any other fighter in the division. Her comeback fight against Miesha Tate was a joy to watch for any self-respecting human being. You could tell there was no way in hell that Zingano was going down that night. Motivation. Karma, The Luck of the Irish. It was all on her side.

Take it walking away.

Take it walking away.

Zingano is a complete mixed-martial-artist, and she might even be slightly bigger than Rousey, which is a rare characteristic for a 135-pounder. If this was a Hollywood movie, Zingano might gut out a five round decision and have her hand raised after the fight. Her family would surround her in the cage, her son would jump into her arms. Tears will be shed. Hugs will be given out, and Rousey will be gracious in defeat.

The fight is in Los Angeles, but there will be no Hollywood ending. Ronda Rousey is the female incarnation of a young Mike Tyson. Her opponents are defeated before they enter the cage. She has proclaimed that this is the healthiest she has ever been since she was 16 years old. Watch the heck out world. Her hand speed looks ridiculous these days. She throws combinations like a seasoned professional. I don’t know of a female signed to the UFC that can even have a vision of beating her, let alone physically do it.


Surf’s up…


Ronda will win this thing by armbar, probably in the late first round. If it lasts over two frames, it would be a moral victory for Cat Zingano. Don’t blink on Saturday night, or you may miss the action. Just ask Alexis Davis. On to the next one for the Rowdy One.


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