Finding a ‘good school’ – 1. Intro Post

Here is an introduction to a series of guest posts by Curtis Winn.  Relying on many years of martial arts experience, he’ll discuss how to choose a good school for those who are just starting out.  He’ll also focus on how to choose a safe and fun place for your kids to begin training–hopefully for a lifetime!


There are lots of martial arts schools out there.

These posts are in response to comments and questions asked by parents, children and adults about karate or martial arts and how to find a ‘good school’.  We’ll attempt to explore practical perspectives that may influence, provide insight, and hopefully help you make the best personal choice.

The post(s) will not teach you any martial arts techniques or attempt to navigate you towards or away from any given style.  There are plenty of online videos, DVDs, books and magazine articles that will educate you on individual styles and their foundational movements.  There are an equal number of outlets claiming that a given system or style is the ‘best’.

The ‘best’ style and school is based on personal preferences and goals.   What are some of yours?

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