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Martial Arts School Poll

This may or may not relate to the big news that’s immanent, but what do you look for in a martial arts school?  What are some of the top factors that got you to sign up, train, and stay at … Continue reading

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Finding a ‘good school’ – 3. Why Martial Arts?

Here’s part three of Curtis Winn’s series on how to chose a good martial arts school.  This post explores the deeper meanings behind the actual study of the arts.  His questions at the end should start a really good conversation … Continue reading

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Finding a ‘good school’ – 1. Intro Post

Here is an introduction to a series of guest posts by Curtis Winn.  Relying on many years of martial arts experience, he’ll discuss how to choose a good school for those who are just starting out.  He’ll also focus on … Continue reading

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