Finding a ‘good school’ – 2. The Usual Inquiry

Here is part two of a series of guest posts by Curtis Winn.  Leave a comment or questions, and he’ll be happy to respond.


The conversation usually starts out the same way…

“You take karate?”…..followed by….
“Do you teach?”…..and then it happens…
“How do I find a good school?”

Parents generally frame these questions for their kids and occasionally try their level-best to mask their intentions when it’s for their own interests.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to practice for several years and to provide instruction to children and adults.  Over the years, I’ve built the opinion that the questions prospective students should be asking and the respective answers can apply to everyone.

For those who train and possibly teach – how have you been asked about finding a school?
For those who were looking for a ‘good’ school – who did you ask?  what questions did you ask?

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