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How Moving Meditation Can Help You in the Martial Arts

We’ve had a beautiful stretch of weather in New England this week after a long, snowy winter. That’s why I couldn’t help but hold my karate classes at Gracie Farmington Valley outside! The kids loved getting to run around and … Continue reading

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Three Quick Tips on Starting a Martial Art (as Presented by Bruce Lee)

I’ve been teaching martial arts informally for a long time, and I’ve been running my own programs at Gracie Farmington Valley since 2011.  I encounter new students all the time with various levels of experience in the martial arts.  I’m … Continue reading

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The Perfect Workout?

If you’re like me, you probably focus more on merrymaking (i.e., sleeping and eating) than training over the holidays.  I’ve been trying to be really good in terms of diet and exercise leading in to the inevitable, cheerful sloth in … Continue reading

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Fitness Tips for the Sleep-Deprived

If you follow this blog, you know why I’m writing this post. I’ve been a dad for a little more than a month now, and I’ve come to realize two things: 1. I love my son unconditionally even though he … Continue reading

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Five Martial Arts Tips for New Parents

Shhhh . . . Baby’s sleeping, and I have maybe five minutes to write this before he’s hungry again. Parenthood is super fun, but it’s pretty time consuming! If you’re a new parent like me, you’re probably missing out on … Continue reading

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How to Achieve Mushin

Here’s a post about how to achieve “no mind” courtesy of one of our sister sites, Good Circuits.  Yeah, I wrote it, and I’m reblogging it, but I think the idea of practicing mushin is important in all pursuits–not just martial … Continue reading

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How to Get a Big Belly and Why It’s Important

Fit or Fat? Martial artists are often considered some of the most highly skilled and best conditioned athletes in the world. Many maintain peak fitness and regularly undergo grueling training sessions. All attempt to practice and healthy lifestyles. Then there’s … Continue reading

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6 Tips On How To Make Martial Arts Safe For All Ages

Hi, Everyone:  Here’s a really informative guest post from writer and trainer Krisca Te.  She provides us a thorough exploration of how to make martial arts safe for all ages.  This post is probably more geared to those with less … Continue reading

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YouTube Channel Update

Here are a few new videos if you haven’t been to my channel lately.  Enjoy, and feel free to leave feedback here or on YouTube.  Thanks! Here’s my attempt to start and end Sanseiryu kata in the same spot while … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Shohei-Ryu Karate is FINALLY out for iPad! (Today has been a busy day!)

Ok.  Long story short, I was hoping just to get this book out to my students at Gracie Farmington Valley.  After waiting a loooooong for Apple’s approval, I just got word that it has to be written for a larger … Continue reading

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