UFC on Fox 2: Back to Primetime

UFC on Fox 2 Preview: Back to Primetime

By, ALar88

The UFC returns to Fox on Saturday night with a very exciting three bout card. Many fans complained that the organization’s last foray into national television was lacking content when only the Velasquez v. Dos Santos fight was scheduled to air.  Dana White has responded by booking three fights for the time slot, where two of the winners could be seeing immediate title shots.  We will see an exhibition of world-class ground games when BJJ ace Damien Maia and young gun Chris Weidman face off to start the evening.  Next, the battle of the loudmouths: Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping, whoever shuts their mouth long enough to defeat their opponent will earn a chance at Anderson Silva’s Middleweight title this summer. The Main Event of the evening marks the return to the Octagon for two Light Heavyweight contenders. When Rashad Evans and Phil Davis enter the cage, many eyes will be watching to see what the future of the Light Heavyweight division holds.  If Evans wins and remains uninjured, he will fight Jon Jones for the title this spring.  If Evans wins, but is hurt and sidelined for an indeterminate amount of time, one of our favorite’s here Moai Martial Art’s, Dan Henderson, will get a shot at Jones. Dana White has not guaranteed Phil Davis a title shot if he wins, but assuming ‘Mr. Wonderful’ wins in impressive fashion, you can bet you will likely see Phil getting a fight for the strap.

Main Card on Fox: 8 PM

Demian Maia (16-3) v. Chris Weidman (7-0)

Maia was originally scheduled to face Bisping on this card, but due to Mark Munoz dropping from the card due to injury, he finds himself fighting Chris Weidman  It is well-known that Demian Maia is one of the greatest BJJ players in the world of MMA.  His ground skill earned him a fight with Silva for the Middleweight title in 2010, but his submissions couldn’t derail the Spider’s reign. Since that fight, Maia has gone 3-4 with six of those fights going to decision. Maia needs a solid win to get back on track and back into the upper echelon of the division.  Usually replacement fighters are easy fodder for UFC vets, but in this case, Weidman is no cakewalk for Mr. Maia.  Weidman is widely considered one of the top prospects in MMA and certainly has a bright future in the sport.  Weidman was a two-time NCAA All-American wrestler; and under the tutelage of Matt Serra earned entrance into the 2009 ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship. Here’s the kicker… Weidman had only been training in BJJ for one year at the time…  The fact that this kid could find himself opposing some of the greatest BJJ players in the world after only one year of training shows you what kind of chops this he has on the ground.

Prediction: I don’t see either of these guys looking to stand and bang, thus this will be a ground war.  Both are highly skilled, but I have a feeling that the young gun will end up on top on this one. A new UFC star will be born on national television. Weidman by Decision.

Michael Bisping (22-3) vs. Chael Sonnen (26-11)

***DISCLAIMER: Chael Sonnen fans: Do Not Read Ahead!!!***

I DESPISE Chael Sonnen. I think his persona is manufactured, fabricated, and fraudulent. To start, I don’t trust any of his in ring exploits due to his past with PEDs. Then add in his  adventures outside the ring a.k.a. a history of money laundering and fraud, and you have the make up of one detestable human being. Yes, he beat Anderson Silva for four rounds, but someone please remind Chael what happened in the last round. HE LOST!!!!  Chael has been parading around calling himself the true Middleweight champion and even showed up to the pre-event press conference with a replica UFC belt that he says he stole from Silva “like a gangster in the night.” He has repeatedly said that Silva “sucks” and will never fight again. This would be like an NBA player from the 80s or 90s saying that Michael Jordan “sucked”, it simply wouldn’t happen.  Chael has gained his fifteen minutes of fame by benefiting from a depleted Middleweight division, and giving the greatest champion in the history of the UFC a run for his money.  Hopefully, on Saturday, those fifteen minutes are up.

With that being said, both of these fighters are coming off impressive wins. Bisping recently destroyed fellow TUF coach Mayhem Miller, and Sonnen submitted Brian Stann back in October.

Prediction: I simply wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror respectfully if I picked Sonnen for this fight.Though, I do actually believe Bisping will take this one.  He is on a four fight win streak and is on a mission after being promoted to this #1 contender bout. The Brit knows that this is his time to shine in front a massive American audience. If he ever wants to see a shot at the Middleweight strap, he has to perform on Saturday.  Bisping by KO.

Let the good times roll Mike...

Phil Davis (9-0) v. Rashad Evans (16-1-1)

No one can intelligently say what they expect to happen in this fight without acknowledging the fact that these two haven’t exactly had frequent cage visits in the last few years. Davis has been out since March with various injuries, and Rashad has only fought once since May 2010, beating a resurgent Tito Ortiz in August of 2011.  We simply don’t have large enough of a sample size to judge this fight, each fighter has been talking up how much better their skills have gotten recently and how they deserve shots at Jones’ belt.  Both claim to be in the greatest shape of their careers and expect to dominate their counterpart. These fighter’s are both extremely athletic with strong wrestling pedigrees. Whoever has the mental power to impose their will on the other and cater the fight to their style has the best chance to win.

Prediction: I think Phil Davis has a tremendous future in this sport, but this may not be his time just yet. He claims to be on a whole new level striking than he has been previously in the Octagon, but I don’t believe word alone is strong enough to give him the edge in this fight. Rashad has had the title before, he has been in big fights, he knows what it takes to win.  I expect Rashad to utilize his own ever-improving striking to teach the young gun a lesson.  Evans by Decision.

Feel free to comment below if you are part of the anti-Chael team! Or let us know what you think about the picks. Enjoy the fights!

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