What is the Secret of Your Power?

Wow.  I can’t believe Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson has flown under my MMA radar.  I just heard he’s fighting on Saturday night in his UFC debut.  A pure-bred karateka (his dad is a karate school owner and his coach) who is married into the Machado family, I think he’ll give fans an exciting fight versus Dan Stittgen (7-1) whether it remains standing or goes to the ground.

Did I mention that while his opponent has a very respectable MMA record, Thompson has a combined record of 62-0 in karate, kickboxing, and MMA matches?  Check out these highlights, and a ringing endorsement from fellow karate-fighter Georges St. Pierre, to see why I’m psyched to see Thompson fight in UFC 143 on Saturday!

Head’s up: These highlights can be little deceiving, as they’re in slow motion.  This guy is FAST!

PS – Ten points to the first reader who gets the reference in the title of this post.

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Lucky enough to grow up with the martial arts, I have felt their positive influence throughout my life and am especially interested in sharing these experiences with others. I enjoy working with youth and adults to give back some of what I've received. If you would like to learn more about Uechi-Ryu/Shohei-Ryu Karate, or if you want to find people to train with, please contact me. I am the head karate instructor for the Meriden Martial Arts Club.
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