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The Old Ways of New Masters

Once upon a time, before taking up teaching karate and starting a family, I began a book proposal about martial arts and their effects on the lives of Americans.  The working title was The Old Ways of New Masters, and I decided to focus on people … Continue reading

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MMA Combine: The Future of the Sport?

I’m going to scoop this story over ALar.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about MMA, so here goes nothing! – Bill __________ There’s been a lot of press about the first ever UFC Combine to be held at … Continue reading

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Keep It Playful

Are you tired of being so tired after every martial arts training session? Are you battered or bettered after each class? Are you still having fun, or are you in a rut? If you provided negative answers to any of … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion

I generally consider this a family-friendly blog, but please indulge me this PG-13 rated post. (It’s really not that bad!) First, a story. Teaching high school English is my day job, and we recently held an assembly on how to … Continue reading

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How to Get a Big Belly and Why It’s Important

Fit or Fat? Martial artists are often considered some of the most highly skilled and best conditioned athletes in the world. Many maintain peak fitness and regularly undergo grueling training sessions. All attempt to practice and healthy lifestyles. Then there’s … Continue reading

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Ouch! (A Story of Neglected Training)

Remember gym class?  If you’re a child of the 80’s or 90’s, you were probably part of a group of kids who had to start writing essays instead of running laps.  At least in Massachusetts, where I grew up, the … Continue reading

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The Gift of Humility

I was recently talking with  fellow martial artist David Gallo of CT Wing Chun Academy about how we teach our classes.  We both agreed that tradition and structure are important, but so is being friendly and approachable.  He mentioned that … Continue reading

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One Weekend. Two Events…

One Weekend. Two Events. Three weeks until Silva/Sonnen II… There are two UFC events this weekend, UFC on FX 4 on Friday night and UFC 147 on Saturday night. I won’t lie to you and say that I am all … Continue reading

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ALar in 2012! My Campaign for MMA Presidency

With the election buzz beginning to take hold in the US and my Political Science degree collecting dust in the corner of my parent’s basement, I came up with a tantalizing proposal for the world of Mixed Martial Arts. What … Continue reading

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UFC 146 Preview: Heavyweights!

Ten Heavyweights. Five Fights. One Night. This Saturday, the UFC will do something it has never done before. The UFC 146 card will be the first Pay Per View to feature solely heavyweight fighters. The night is capped of by … Continue reading

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