Why I Might Stop Watching MMA

This will be quick.  If Alistair Overeem gets the title fight against Junior Dos Santos, I will boycott the UFC, and most likely MMA in general, for now on.   I’m no fan of Chael Sonnen, but his elevated testosterone levels didn’t come close to Reem’s 14:1 T/E ratio.  He was suspended for a year.  Neither did Nate Marquardt’s, and he was subsequently booted from the UFC for messing up a main event.  By that precedent alone, Overeem has no place in the UFC–no matter what Bas says!

No amount of horsemeat will do this for you. Sorry.

I’ve spoken out against PEDs in MMA a few times before on this blog.  Aside from the risks they place on athletes’ health and the detriments they impose on the sport, they’re simply unfair.  Here’s JDS’s take on this.  Do you agree?

PS – I won’t even mention that a decision in favor of Reem will make the Nevada Athletic Commission and Dana White reek of hypocrisy.  If they let him fight, they should just stop testing altogether.  Let’s get real about PEDs, people!

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3 Responses to Why I Might Stop Watching MMA

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  2. Kevin says:

    Strange that the penalties for cheating in some MMA events are so easy going!

    • They’re so inconsistent! That’s why it frustrates me. Same thing as in baseball but on a smaller scale. I was hoping that MMA would have a little more honor in it, given its roots in martial arts, but a sport is a sport, I guess.

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