Holiday Gift Guide for the Prepper in Your Life

After testing and reviewing some pretty sweet knives, it’s time for Part Two of our series on preparedness.  We got some great response on the first article, and we hope you enjoy this no-nonsense guide to buying holiday gifts for the prepper in your life (or yourself).  Really no one interested in preparedness or survivalism should be without these essential pieces of gear.  If you have a family you should definitely invest in at least some entry-level items.

You don’t need to go crazy, or do you?

Other than an excellent knife, you should start with some essentials for basic preparedness.  I have individually purchased and tested all of these items–though thankfully not in a dire situation.  I’d like to do some more testing through survival scenarios throughout the coming months.  With that said, if you have review information to share, please do so in the comments.

Just a heads up: buying from Amazon via these links helps support this site.  Just click the images for purchase information.  The prepper holiday gift guide starts after the jump.  Thanks!

prepper, doomsday, preparedness, shelter, survival

You probably don’t need to take it this far, but who knows?

5.11 Rush 72
What a great option for a Bug-Out-Bag.  This thing is a beast!  The “72” indicates that this bag should sustain a person for three days away from civilization.  Tough, roomy, and customizable, I’m confident it’s up for the task.  The Rush 72 has lots of space plus organizational pouches to keep stuff sorted. MOLLE webbing lets you add pouches and holsters as needed. It can hold so much that you’ll be tempted to overload it. One caveat is to make sure someone in your family can carry it should the need to Get Out of Dodge arise.  What to fill it with?  That’s for another post!

rush 72, bug, out, bag, 5.11, tactical, backpack

A bad-ass BOB if I ever saw one!

Fisher Space Pen/Rite in the Rain Notebook

The Fisher Space Pen is a handy little implement. It writes anywhere. It’s indestructible. Pair it with the special paper of a Rite in the Rain notebook and you’ve discovered an invaluable combo if you need to take notes in all conditions. If you’re like me that is constantly. Unlike Evernote for my iPhone, this combo will work anytime, anywhere!

fisher, space pen, write in the rain, prepper

This is one sweet little pen!

write in the rain, notebook, prepper

If you’re caught in the wild, you might need to write notes, draw maps, or leave messages no matter the weather. Come to think of it, it might be good to have one of these in your car for all the same reasons!


Camelback All Clear UV Water Purifier
Stupid simple UV purification. All you do is pour water in, turn on the UV emitter, and shake it for one minute. Potable water awaits. I can already hear the objections though: how will you charge it if you’re without power? My response: Charging can be done with small solars or even with this. And what about filters? Once they’re gone, you’re going thirsty or getting giardia. All in all, the Camelback All Clear UV Water Purifier is perfect for Get-Out-of-Dodge scenarios and can hold you over until a viable source of water is available.

camelback, all clear, uv, water, purifier

Fewer parts wins the water filtration debate in my book.

Gorilla Tape
You already use duct tape around the house all the time, so you don’t need me to sell you on its use in a survival situation. If the worst happens, you’ll want to take your tape to the next level. Invest in the best: buy up Gorilla Tape and stock pile it. Pro’s tip: wind some around an old store loyalty card and keep some in your car, Bug-Out-Bag, and EDC bag.

gorilla tape, duct tape, preparedness, survival, edc, bug out

Have Gorilla Tape, will travel.

Zebralight SC52
This is one of the brightest, smallest, longest-lasting flashlights available. I carry it most of the time and look for excuses to show it off. People are always surprised to learn that something so tiny and bright can run on one AA battery. Be careful if you have small kids though. The Zebralight SC52 is fun to play with, but it can damage their eyes if you’re not careful.

zebralight, sc52, aa, flashlight, prepper, edc, survival

Image courtesy of

SAS Survival Guide
I don’t need to go crazy explaining this book, but I’d like to.  The SAS Survival Guide is probably the most popular guide out there for entry-level preppers and survivalists.  There’s a reason for this: just leafing through it–usually while on the toilet–will teach you so much about basic wilderness survival and emergency preparedness.  Get at least two copies, and pack it in a Ziplock to take along with you as needed. Just don’t forget to leave room in your pack!

sas survival guide, prepper, survival, book, wiseman

Easy to read, easy to understand, hard to go without.

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