My Secret Weapon

Who would have known a rolled up bathmat could be so handy?  I was using this to block a draft from the back door of my garage where I train, but Home Depot had a nifty heavy-duty draft stop that I bought on impulse.  It works like a charm!


Wanna get high?

I was doing some strength training this afternoon, and decided to put the old mat to good use.  A few strips of duct tape keeps it together, and I used it for calf raises and to increase the difficulty of straight-legged dead lifts.  I have to say it did the trick!

I can think of a few other uses as well.  I might try it as padding to help me finally master single-knuckle push-ups.  It could help with neck bridges as well.  Can you think of any other uses?  Do you have any simple, fun training toys?


About moaimartialarts

Lucky enough to grow up with the martial arts, I have felt their positive influence throughout my life and am especially interested in sharing these experiences with others. I enjoy working with youth and adults to give back some of what I've received. If you would like to learn more about Uechi-Ryu/Shohei-Ryu Karate, or if you want to find people to train with, please contact me. I am the head karate instructor for the Meriden Martial Arts Club.
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