Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: How it Needs to Happen

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: Do We Really Want to See it?

Smile for the Camera!

With Anderson Silva’s recent beatdown of Yushin Okami at UFC 134, the MMA community has started spit balling the idea of a “Superfight” between The Spider and GSP.  The pair are clearly the two greatest fighters in the world at the moment; there is no question about it.  Neither fighter has tasted defeat in a combined 24 fights, with GSP defending his welterweight belt eight times, and Silva his middleweight strap 10 times.  Neither Silva nor GSP have truly been faced with a legitimate challenge to their belts over the span, aside from a chemically aided Chael Sonnen giving The Spider a scare at UFC 117.  With these long title reigns, each fighter’s respective divisions have been cleared out.  With the bizarre turn of events in the Welterweight division, GSP will now face Carlos Condit at UFC 137, while his former opponent, a “beauty pageant” hating Nick Diaz will face former Lightweight champ BJ Penn at the same event. I fully expect GSP to be victorious against Condit, a fellow Team Jackson affiliate.  Silva’s demolition of the middleweight division has MMA fans calling for him to move to the light heavyweight division, where he has successfully competed and won twice in the UFC. Others call for a rematch with Sonnen, due to Sonnen controlling Silva for four rounds at UFC 117 before Silva’s last ditch submission effort earned him a victory.

Remember this Chael?

I could see the Sonnen fight making sense due to the nature of their first encounter, but I really don’t believe Chael deserves another shot at the title right yet.  UFC fans salivate at the idea of Silva moving up a division and taking on the likes of Jon Jones and Shogun Rua, but it seems as though Anderson is content at continually defending his middleweight championship.

If GSP gets past Condit at UFC 137, as I expect he will, I think we truly need to think about the impending Superfight between the Canadian and Silva.  There are no true meaningful fights left for Silva in his division, a number one contenders match has been set up between the aforementioned Sonnen and military hero Brian Stann.  At this point, I do not see either of these fighters as title shot worthy. After Condit, Jon Fitch seems the next in line for the welterweight title shot, but anyone who watched Fitch’s first attempt at the title won’t have high hopes for the Purdue product in a rematch with GSP.

We are then left with the “Superfight.”  The UFC’s two Golden Boys facing off in The Octagon.  I believe that this scenario is necessary, but only if Dana White and company do it right.  My worst fear is for something to happen along the lines of Silva dancing around GSP a la the Demian Maia fight, or GSP simply laying on top of Silva for five rounds, grinding his way to a decision victory. These situations would not be entertaining, nor prove MMA supremacy between the metaphorical Superman and Batman of the sport. Undoubtedly this match up would be a massive pay per view draw, even drawing the common sports fan into the mix.

Make it happen Dana!

I’m sure the UFC would be able to draw over one million pay per view buys if not more, thus they need to present a product that would be worth the public interest and hopefully garner more interest in the sport in the future.  To put your two stud horses in the ring against each other takes balls, and Dana White and Zuffa need to handle this situation properly.

Here is how I, the humble Alar88, think the Superfight situation should be handled: (Warning: Outlandish ideas ahead!)

  1. It must be a three fight series. The fight for MMA supremacy can not be solved in one night, in one twenty five minute bout. What if Silva knocks GSP out in the first thirty seconds? GSP will lose his allure as an MMA god, and the UFC will be worse off for it. No question about the undisputed MMA king will be answered with a 30 second knockout.  We need to have an extended look at these two prodigies in the ring. If Silva does it again in the second fight, then the jury can deem him the greatest, but this encounter needs certain closure. Neither fighter will have experienced anything like this in their career, and we need to assure for the fighters, the fans, and the organization that we truly end the saga with a defined MMA king.
  2. The fight needs to happen at 175 lbs.  Silva walks around well over 200 lbs, and GSP maintains a weight around 190 lbs. St Pierre has expressed concern over gaining weight to fight Silva and it possibly hurting his career beyond the Superfight.  With the fight at 175, GSP will be able to put on a little extra weight to handle Anderson’s size, and Silva’s decided size advantage will be somewhat contained.
  3. There is no need for this series to be for any sort of title. Each athlete has proved that they are the greatest fighters to grace their respective divisions. There is no need for either of them to attempt to win the other’s belt; leave that for the young guys. This series would simply prove who is the greatest Mixed Martial Artist on the planet, or dare I say, of all time. (Cue Kanye)
  4. Now the question is, where do these two, or possibly three fights take place? Well, here is where my ideas get really crazy. The first two fights need to happen in Brazil and Canada respectively. Each fighter will have an enormous following in his home country that will surely elevate his performance in the ring.  A key reason why I believe this needs to be a multiple fight series. If this bout is held solely in Rio or Montreal, we can almost already predict the winner just by his surroundings.  If a third fight is necessary, which I hope it is, the UFC can easily hold the last bout in its Las Vegas stomping grounds, or wouldn’t it be ideal if the stubborn legislature in New York finally allowed MMA within the state? I can already see Dana White’s eyeballs flashing dollar signs with a final and decisive match-up between Silva and GSP at Madison Square Garden.

Some may say that a three fight series is too long to tie up the UFC’s cash cows for, but who would you rather see them fight? And the amount of casual fans that would check out a GSP/Silva PPV would make it well worth it.

These are my thoughts on how the Anderson Silva versus Georges St. Pierre Superfight Situation should be handled. How do you think it should go down? Any feedback, banter, or commentary is highly appreciated and encouraged here at Moai Martial Arts. See you in the comments section!

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  1. What the hell is wrong with Diaz? I’d fight that clown. No, really, just the clown. Diaz would tear my arms off and beat me with them.

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