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No More Heroes

We all know what news broke last night. As an MMA fan and supporter, it was saddening. Disappointing, even. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t totally sobering. One of our stars, our most lethal hero, one of the last mythical … Continue reading

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Heroes Get Remembered, but Legends Never Die: A UFC 168 Preview

It all comes down to this, the cherry on top of the greatest year in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. After the Main Course that consisted of some of the greatest fights in history and some of the ‘old … Continue reading

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The 2nd Annual Moai Martial Arts Year-End MMA Awards!

Hosted by none other than your favorite MMA blogger, Alar. Sitting here on the couch, I flipped the dial over to FOX Sports 1 and found that UFC Tonight was counting down the ’50 Best UFC Moments’ of the year. I … Continue reading

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The Case for Chris Weidman

Can the underdog really defeat the Spider on Saturday night? Nowadays, along with drinking PBR, wearing ironically large framed glasses, and smoking cloves, it seems like the cool thing to do is to pick Chris Weidman to upset UFC Middleweight … Continue reading

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Karate Chopped: Five MMA Fighters Who Have Conquered Addiction

It’s been a while since we’ve shared a guest post with you.  Here’s an interesting and inspirational look at fighters who’ve overcome addiction from author and MMA fan Jennie Reedy.  Enjoy, and let us know what you think! ____________________ The high-adrenaline … Continue reading

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Keep It Playful

Are you tired of being so tired after every martial arts training session? Are you battered or bettered after each class? Are you still having fun, or are you in a rut? If you provided negative answers to any of … Continue reading

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The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’: A Chronology

The Baddest Man on the Planet: A Chronology By Alex Larsen All things considered, any man that wants to step into a ring or cage and fight another dude is a ‘Bad man’ in my book.  The title ‘Baddest Man … Continue reading

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Anderson Silva Eat Your Heart Out

This video of Jean-Claude Van Damme and GSP is a little too cool for a mere tweet. Yeah, clearly The Muscles from Brussels is taking a page from Steven Seagal’s playbook by hitching his wagon to an MMA star. So … Continue reading

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ALar’s UFC 153 Preview: Nothing wrong with fun fights!

{Author’s Note: If you haven’t been informed, the head honcho is taking paternity leave from the blog for time being. Congratulations to him, but he mistakenly left me the keys to the website! Get ready for a wild ride!!!} UFC … Continue reading

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In Defense of Kata

Here’s a simple fact: some people like practicing katas (forms), and some people don’t. You can delve into this debate just about anywhere martial arts are discussed in gyms or on the Internet. MMA and BJJ guys think they’re a … Continue reading

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