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UFC 167 Preview: GSP’s Toughest Test Yet?

ALar shares his thoughts on Saturday’s 20th anniversary card We have finally arrived at the UFC’s landmark 20th Anniversary. From Royce to Tank to Bones, the sport has remarkably come a long way. I can still vividly remember that right … Continue reading

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The Way of the Fight by Georges St. Pierre: A Book Review

You’d think a champion in mixed martial arts would have some difficulty reflecting on his success and that he’d be reluctant to share his secrets. The demanding training schedule, the blows to the head, and his training camp’s requirements for … Continue reading

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The Gift of Humility

I was recently talking with  fellow martial artist David Gallo of CT Wing Chun Academy about how we teach our classes.  We both agreed that tradition and structure are important, but so is being friendly and approachable.  He mentioned that … Continue reading

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ALar in 2012! My Campaign for MMA Presidency

With the election buzz beginning to take hold in the US and my Political Science degree collecting dust in the corner of my parent’s basement, I came up with a tantalizing proposal for the world of Mixed Martial Arts. What … Continue reading

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Lord of the Octagons: Return of the King!

ALar’s Revised Top 10 MMA Rankings! I want to apologize to my loyal fellowship of readers (all six of you…) for not providing you with spot-on previews and witty commentary concerning the world of MMA recently. The lovely State of … Continue reading

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What is the Secret of Your Power?

Wow.  I can’t believe Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson has flown under my MMA radar.  I just heard he’s fighting on Saturday night in his UFC debut.  A pure-bred karateka (his dad is a karate school owner and his coach) who is … Continue reading

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Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: How it Needs to Happen

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: Do We Really Want to See it? With Anderson Silva’s recent beatdown of Yushin Okami at UFC 134, the MMA community has started spit balling the idea of a “Superfight” between The Spider and … Continue reading

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Moai Martial Arts Top Ten Ranking

So my picks for UFC 132 didn’t go so well. Actually, they were awful. I didn’t get a single one right. But that in itself is a reminder why we follow the sport and support the UFC. You can somehow … Continue reading

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