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Who Are Your Martial Arts Heroes?

Here’s a quick post about my top three martial arts heroes. I’m really most interested in learning about yours! Please list them in the comments. Include names, styles, and the positive influence they’ve had on your art and life. 1.) … Continue reading

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My First Time

Most of us remember this event pretty vividly. It’s hard to forget the sweat, the groans, the pain, and the embarrassment. For some it was no big deal, for others it was life changing. Some swore off it immediately, while … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Choke

I recently watched Choke, a documentary on Rickson Gracie and other fighters as they prepare for the 1995 Vale Tudo Championship tournament in Japan.  There’s a lot of  training and fighting action, so it’s fun to watch. While it’s mostly … Continue reading

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