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2016 MMA Club Olympiad!

To celebrate this year’s games we had some fun training. All events were meant to improve martial arts skills and included sanchin-style shot put, hammer throw, 40-yard dash, gymnastics, taekwondo on pads, “wrestling” (bjj with pins), and judo. Hopefully next … Continue reading

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The Inaugural Moai Martial Arts Year-end MMA Awards!

The 1st Annual M.M.A. Year-End MMA Awards Hosted by none other than ALar Everyone and their mother across the Mixed Martial Arts blogosphere is cranking out some sort of year-end award list to commerorate the year that was. I figured … Continue reading

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ALar’s UFC 153 Preview: Nothing wrong with fun fights!

{Author’s Note: If you haven’t been informed, the head honcho is taking paternity leave from the blog for time being. Congratulations to him, but he mistakenly left me the keys to the website! Get ready for a wild ride!!!} UFC … Continue reading

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New article on Ikigai Way

If you get a chance, check out my new article, titled “The New Karate Kids” on the Ikigai Way blog.  It’s about teaching kids’ karate! – Bill  

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Street Fighter 5: MMA Edition

Street Fighter 5: MMA Edition By ALar88 Here at Moai Martial Arts, we often like to think theoretically about the sport of MMA and its athletes. We toss around questions like, could Anderson Silva beat Brock Lesnar? Does BJ Penn … Continue reading

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The Bucket List

  If being sick is a carbolic activity, then getting a stomach bug is a real workout. All the jumping, sprinting, and corework definitely wears you down! Maybe that’s why so many fighters seem to get sick before their fights?  … Continue reading

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My First Time

Most of us remember this event pretty vividly. It’s hard to forget the sweat, the groans, the pain, and the embarrassment. For some it was no big deal, for others it was life changing. Some swore off it immediately, while … Continue reading

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