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2016 MMA Club Olympiad!

To celebrate this year’s games we had some fun training. All events were meant to improve martial arts skills and included sanchin-style shot put, hammer throw, 40-yard dash, gymnastics, taekwondo on pads, “wrestling” (bjj with pins), and judo. Hopefully next … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: A Metamoris IV Preview

by Ryan Bradbury Buy this pay per view, period. This is the best card Ralek has put together yet, with three former UFC fighters, ADCC Champions, alumni from The Ultimate Fighter and BJJ Kumite, and enough combined gold medals to … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Trane UFC

I generally don’t disclose my lifelong interest in martial arts to my English classes.  The inevitable conversation ensues: You do karate?  Why are you a teacher?  You should fight in the UFC! After all, if Kevin James can do it, so can … Continue reading

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Passion and Warfare: How to Stay True to Your Fighting Spirit

When I was a teenager, I was sort of obsessed with guitarist Steve Vai.  His wild, fiery rock and roll playing is outrageously technical, and, some say, a tad overwrought.  But his craziest runs are often balanced by quieter, thoughtful … Continue reading

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10 Best Mixed Martial Arts Moves Caught on Camera

Here’s a fun and thought-provoking guest post by Clint Henderson of 2MCCTV security solutions.  It’s interesting to see how some of the moves we practice work in real threatening situations.  No one wants to have to use their martial arts training, but sometimes … Continue reading

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The Gift of Martial Arts

Giving Thanks As we’re wrapping up the season of giving, and 2011, I’m feeling a bit reflective.  First off, thanks for helping to make the site bigger and better than it was last year!  We’ve about doubled readership, and our … Continue reading

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Rob Khan Seminar at Gracie Farmington Valley!

When: November 12, 2011, 10:00am-12:00pm Where: Gracie Farmington Valley, 2 Tunxis Rd, Suite B5, Tariffville, CT 06081 Style: No Gi Cost: $50 Rob Kahn has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for nearly 20 years and was one of the first to … Continue reading

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New School Update – Gracie Farmington Valley

I’ve been alluding to this over the last few weeks, so here’s the official news!  I will be the head karate instructor at Gracie Farmington Valley in Tariffville, CT. Click our logo for more information.  The school’s site is still … Continue reading

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Book Review: Move-A-Day BJJ

I recently picked up a copy of Move-A-Day BJJ by Darin Reisler.  As the name implies, the book provides a simple description of a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu move or concept each day.  It’s a text that fills the gap left by … Continue reading

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Gi-Flex Pants by Sprawl

I mentioned these a while back on Facebook and finally got a pair for Christmas.  I’ve worn the Gi-Flex Pants by Sprawl for several workouts since then.  Sprawl says, “we have brought the same engineering and innovation that has driven our … Continue reading

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