Action in Austin! UFC Fight Night 57 Preview

What’s at stake for Featherweight contenders Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson on Saturday night?


THIS ONE is a treat. Two of the most talented fighters in one of the UFC’s most skilled divisions will go toe to toe this weekend with title implications on the line. As a fight fan, you can’t ask for much more. Each of these dudes come with a highlight filled history of bringing the ruckus whenever they enter the cage. For someone who has had a little TOO MUCH fun on the last few Saturday eve’s, I can’t wait to melt into the couch this weekend with an IPA that is entirely too hoppy and watch these two top level talents trade leather. I’ll break down who I think wins this important scrap after the jump!

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EDC Knife Roundup

Looks like I’m a little behind on my posting lately.  Time to take the reins back from ALar and to tell you a little about what I’ve been up to!

I hate to admit it, but one of my many projects has been to start prepping.  I can’t be blamed, though.  ALar lent me a copy of Sam Sheridan’s Disaster Diaries, and, well, events were put in motion that just couldn’t be stopped.  I spent all summer stockpiling canned goods, building a bug-out bag, and thinking of ways to get my family out of Dodge in my new FJ Cruiser.

Yeah, I may have went a little overboard . . . 

But with Ebola and ISIS and Obama threatening our way of life, who can blame me, right?

Anyhow, on with the show.  I plan to write about some practical prepping plans that are easy on your mind and budget.  Let’s start the series with one of the most practical and necessary items everyone should have.  A good pocket knife.

Preparedness starts with what you have on your person, ready to use should the need arise.  A knife is one of the most important multi-purpose tools to keep in your pocket.  Think of all the things you do with your teeth, a dull pair of scissors, or brute strength each day that could be simplified with a few quick cuts — opening packages, stripping wire, tasks in the yard, breaking down boxes.  Add emergency, first aid, and self-defense uses, and you can see why the knife is one of man’s oldest tools.

We've come a long way since these were dug up.  Read on to learn more!

We’ve come a long way since these were made. Read on to learn more!

I researched, tested, purchased, and worked with dozens of knives in my search for some of the best everyday carry (EDC) tools for the average martial artist.  As much as I’d like to walk around with a machete (or a katana) it’s just not a good idea.  Here are my recommendations for the best knives given different preferences and uses.

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Will the Curse of the Heavyweight Championship be Lifted at UFC 180?


When the news hit my Twitter feed that Cain Velasquez was forced out of his title defense against grappler extraordinaire Fabricio Verdum, I wasn’t pleased. Even in my sadness, I couldn’t imagine how ol’ Dana White felt when he heard the news. He had built up this launch event in Mexico around a star with ‘Brown Pride’ emblazoned across his chest, and now Mr. Pride was forced to the sidelines? I wonder who had to bear the brunt of that outburst…  Who do you replace your hulking Mexican Superstar with? A portly Samoan kickboxer, that’s who! The Heavyweight title picture hasn’t exactly been electric during Cain’s reign and that’s mostly due to his all-out dominance. Still, we haven’t been treated to a Heavyweight title tilt worth it’s weight in quite some time.

So with the injection of Mark Hunt’s iron fists and adamantium chin, can we expect another five round classic akin to his scrap with Bigfoot Silva? Maybe, but all I know is, the curse on the plodding Heavyweight title picture may finally be lifted Saturday night south of the border.

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We have two great fights this weekend… Will we get two great finishes?

Any excuse to post this picture...

Any excuse to post this picture…

It is really kind of the UFC to put on two great fights on anniversary of my glorious birth, ain’t it?  If you’re a fan of bad blood and foreigners, the Rockhold/Bisping tilt might be your cup of tea. If you are a PRIDE Never Die nostalgic like me, you are counting the seconds until the inimitable Shogun Rua takes the stage again. No matter which scrap you tune into, you will likely be entertained, and dare I say captivated? There are wayyy to many meaningful fights taking place in the UFC this weekend, Dana’s assistant must have flubbed up the scheduling. Hey! As fight fans, we’ll take it! I’ll break down the main events for you after the jump.

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A Rematch That Actually Matters! A Glance at UFC 179

There is no doubt the UFC is tossing some serious bank into graphic design. This logo is bad ass!

There is no doubt the UFC is tossing some serious bank into graphic design. This logo is bad ass!

It hasn’t been an easy week in the world of MMA. Fighters are dropping off the UFC’s first card in Mexico like flies thus leaving the most important belt in the promotion undefended for over a year. Part of this was the UFC’s own doing my tossing Cain and Verdum on some foreign iteration of TUF, yet I digress… If Saturday’s UFC 179 main event could captivate the collective MMA community, the UFC might be able to breath a sigh of relief. I’ll break down the Featherweight title scrap between Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes after the jump.

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Five Fights I Can’t Wait to Watch at UFC 178


In case you weren’t aware, there is quite the doozy of a UFC card going down this Saturday. Former champions and number one contenders returning from lengthy lay offs. One of the most heralded fighters that has ever existed outside of the Zuffa Universe has finally broken free of his Bellator chains and will be making his big show debut. Also, the most electrifying persona in the sport is facing his toughest test to date and I haven’t even mentioned the Main Event yet! Why, you ask? Because no one cares about it! Read why after the jump!

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MMA Club Training Videos 9.7.14

Here are some recent training videos from a workout at the the Meriden Martial Arts Club.  We’re just getting started, but we have five regular members who train in Shohei-Ryu karate and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  If you’re ever in the Meriden, CT area, let us know!  All ages and skill levels are welcome!  Click here to visit out club site for more information.

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What Really Went Down at UFC Fight Night 50

So, as you know, the Moai Martial Arts crew was live and in living color at UFC Fight Night 50 this past Friday. This rare dual post will cue our faithful readers in on some of our favorite moments and observations from the show.


So, Boss, what was your most memorable moment from Friday night?

Bill - Spending it with you, buddy! The fights weren’t bad either.  I gotta say J-Lau’s ability to get everyone in Bridgewater, MA to come to his fights is pretty awesome.  The sea of red shirts surging the cage after his win was pretty great–a real [insert sports movie here] kind of moment.  Inspiring, given all he and his family have been through lately.

Your ability to hold back the tears after Reem got KTFO’d again was pretty inspiring, too.

ALar - Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but witnessing Jacare’s dominance in person was something to behold.  While all the drunken imbeciles were demonstrating their displeasure with the Brazilian’s threatening and utterly commanding top control, I was enthralled. Few fighters are electric when on the mat, but Jacare certainly fills that role.

Oh, yeah, and that whole thing where I was a mere foot from the Gator after the fight was pretty cool. The lucky dude in front of me was gifted Jacare’s shirt because he was shrieking in Portueguese. I guess I’ll have to pick up Rosetta Stone before the next fight…

The picture isn't blurry, I swear. Jacare just emits an aura!

The picture isn’t blurry, I swear. Jacare just emits an aura!

So what did you think of Foxwoods as a venue for a UFC event?

Bill - This is my third UFC show.  The first two were at Boston Garden (or the Fleet Center, or TD Bank North Garden, or whatever non-New Englanders call it now).  The excitement of watching great fights in a packed arena can’t be beat.  The crowd chanting “MMA!, MMA!” when Couture choked out James Toney at UFC 118 was great.  Conor McGregor’s uproarious reception in Boston for UFC Fight Night 26 was ridiculous.  Turn up the volume and check it out!

That said, The Grand Theater at Foxwoods was a better experience.  Far better.  Imagine seeing your favorite super-star artists like Jay-Z or One Direction or Cher playing a club show after they became famous (I know, I have weird taste in music).  That’s what watching the UFC last Friday night felt like.

We were so close to the cage it was silly, and we had the cheap seats.  We were at cage level, and we could hear all the thudding leg kicks and smashing takedowns.  Security was also really cool about fans standing cage-side, which was so awesome (see above).  

Aside from the DJ who mixed “Tequila” with dubstep–a toxic cocktail that induced mental images of PeeWee Herman twerking–it was an amazing night! 

ALar - The Sensei is right, the intimate venue provided a magnificent setting for my first UFC event. For a company that can pack 55,000 people into an arena in Toronto, this show in front of 5,000 people didn’t miss a beat. It was simple to monitor my favorite journalists mid-fight actions (I’m looking at you Mindenhall!) and even catch a glimpse of Chuck Liddell and Chris Weidman trading tips cageside.

The crowd itself was mostly intelligent, which was mildly surprising. Well, besides Mikey, Vinny, and Joey who sat behind us for the prelims. I knew they were well rounded fight fans when they dropped remarks like, “These seats suck” (Which they didn’t…), “He’s doin’ all da basic moves, you can’t win like that,” (In the midst of Chas Skelly working an armbar… His mom was also sitting in front of us which was pretty cool. You haven’t lived until you have watched a mother watch her son fight in a cage for money.) Those guys were losers, and I’m assuming they found a gold chain and V-neck combo sale sometime before the Main Card started and were never heard from again.


These seats don’t suck, Vinny!

So let’s throw out a bold prediction or two for one of the Main Event fighters.

ALar - For me, I can safely say that SHOULD be Alistair Overeem’s last MMA fight. The man has accumulated so many hits to the head that it only takes a soft breeze to ring his bell. Walking out of the building, we likened Ubereem to a kit car. He has the build of a Ferrari, but the engine of a Camry. There is nothing left for him in the sport; if he needs to fight, he should go back to kickboxing where the gloves are bigger and the careers are longer. Even if ‘Reem still thinks he can be a viable MMA fighter, my slightly less bold prediction is that we witnessed the Dutchman’s last UFC fight…

Bill - I second that.  He seemed okay when we saw him in the lobby after the fights (no pic–two dead iPhones, really?), but when it’s time it’s time.  The sad thing is, he looked like a new fighter out there.  Long, low stance, lots of movement, some creative striking.  Dare I say it?  The Reem looked a lot like Bones.  I hope he has the sense to hang it up, but if he dropped a weight class and took on a few fighters left in Jones’s wake, I’d tune in.

Here’s an easy prediction I know ALar will second.  Let’s get Jacare in the ring with Weidman after he demolishes the diminishing Belfort, huh?  Why does Vitor get a title fight anyway?

Our collective reaction to UFC 181...

Our collective reaction to UFC 181…

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UFC Fight Night 50: We’ll Be In the Building!


In a last second celebratory decision, the Moai Martial Arts boys will be at Foxwoods tonight for the UFC Fight Night: Jacare v. Mousasi card! This will be ALar’s first live UFC event and he can’t freaking wait! Pay attention to our Twitter account @MoaiMartialArts for live updates and commentary.

If you notice two dudes screaming irrationally loud for Joe Lauzon, that’s us! Say what’s up and buy ALar a beer!

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UFC 177: The Rematch NO ONE Wanted to See


I genuinely feel bad for TJ Dillashaw. He utterly dismantled reigning Champion Renan Barao at UFC 173 back in May. Barao, the same fighter Dana White had been lauding as one of the best in the world prior to the fight, looked like a scared puppy in the cage as Dillashaw charged forward as a ravenous bulldog. Throwing this rematch together just three months after that fateful night is a monumental slap in the face to the new Champ.

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