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Taking Care

Given the state of the world in 2020, I’ve been thinking a lot about care lately—for self, for others, for society, for the planet. This thinking, perhaps paradoxically, lead me to think of martial arts. Continue reading

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How to Learn Self Defense and Develop Situational Awareness–The Hooded Box Drill

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Martial Arts Ruck March Training

What would happen if you combined military-style PT, an adventure race, and a karate class?  You would get the Meriden Martial Arts Club’s first experiment without outdoor ruck march training.  We only made it out for a few hours, but we loaded up … Continue reading

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Down, But Not Out!

Don’t worry folks. We’ll be back! Projects, school, new jobs–Alar and I are both still in the fight, and we hope to get writing again this summer. In the meanwhile, look for some guest posts on this site and some … Continue reading

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The Grand Master

Here’s a nice article about my sensei, Ed DeCosta from a local newspaper.  I mentioned his promotion to 9th-dan recently, and you can read more by following the link below.  Congratulations to Ed and the others who earned promotions as … Continue reading

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3 Events, 7 Days: Part Deux!

ALar previews UFC 164: Henderson v. Pettis II With all this UFC action, my blogging fingers are growing weary, but I will fight through the pain and deliver for you, my loyal readers! This Saturday the UFC is throwing one … Continue reading

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The Joy of Sumo

One of my new karate students recently shared his love of sumo wrestling with me. I’ve always admired the wrestlers and their special mix of enormous size and explosive athleticism. Here are some excellent examples of bouts and techniques that … Continue reading

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Forrest Griffin: The True Ultimate Fighter

ALar takes a look at the career and legacy of the original ‘Ultimate Fighter’ After a rousing evening at the bossman’s crib watching UFC 160, I proceeded to head back to my humble abode and boot up my MacBook to … Continue reading

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Shohei-Ryu Karate at Gracie Farmington Valley Promotional Video

Here’s a video that tells a little bit about the karate we practice at Gracie Farmington Valley every day!  Please take a look and let us know what you think.  If you’re interested in training, you can e-mail or … Continue reading

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Have You Got the Power?

Service Interrupted After more than a week of snow shoveling, firewood gathering, and brush clearing, things are finally getting back to normal here in Connecticut. I know some towns had it much worse than where I live, but here’s a … Continue reading

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