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MMA “Shadow Sparring” Solo Workout

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Arc’teryx Beta SV Jacket Review

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2016 MMA Club Olympiad!

To celebrate this year’s games we had some fun training. All events were meant to improve martial arts skills and included sanchin-style shot put, hammer throw, 40-yard dash, gymnastics, taekwondo on pads, “wrestling” (bjj with pins), and judo. Hopefully next … Continue reading

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Popular Workouts for Martial Artists

There’s a neat review of some popular, efficient, and effective workouts posted on our sister site, Jacked Dad you might enjoy.  These workouts are great for martial artists looking to improve performance, to supplement their conditioning, and who don’t have … Continue reading

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Getting Stronger Without Gaining Weight

I’ll start with a reblog from our new site It’s about weight training and goal setting, and I think you’ll like it. You could also consider “Getting Stronger” the first part of this post entitled “Getting Stronger Without Gaining … Continue reading

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Have You Got the Power?

Service Interrupted After more than a week of snow shoveling, firewood gathering, and brush clearing, things are finally getting back to normal here in Connecticut. I know some towns had it much worse than where I live, but here’s a … Continue reading

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Fun Size Facebook Fitness!

Have you bought your Halloween candy yet? I just got mine at BJ’s and have so far resisted the urge to bust open the bag. We’ll see how long that lasts! Inspired by the candy I’d like to eat, and … Continue reading

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Dumpster UBE Machine

I went for a bike ride today, and, as usual, my legs were completely fried. I often work some reps with light weight to even out the workout, or I do some pullups and dips. This time I tried something … Continue reading

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Yoga Fire!

I admittedly don’t know much about yoga.  Besides the Sun Salutation and a few basic poses like lotus (okay, for me half lotus) and the plank, I haven’t practiced too much, either.  I do enjoy what little I’ve done and … Continue reading

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Density Day

Strength, endurance, power, flexibility.  These are some of the main components of fitness that we strive to improve every day.  Athletes at all levels may excel at some while struggling with others.  Most of us recognize the importance of fitness … Continue reading

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