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Marcus Aurelio Seminar in Colchester, CT

Here’s a belated reminder about the Marcus Aurelio seminar this weekend at America’s Best Defense in Colchester.  It should be awesome!  There will be two classes: one is no-gi MMA style and the other is a gi class.  Click below … Continue reading

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Growing Into the Martial Arts

Here’s an article I wrote for Experts123 a few months ago.  School’s back in full swing, and I’ve been getting to know my new students.  Quite a few are into martial arts, and it reminded me of some of the … Continue reading

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AWOL Videos: Jay Bell

School’s starting up this week, and I’ll be pretty busy trying to get ready for my new students.  I should be able to post a new article soon; in the meanwhile I’ll try to keep up with Shohei-Ryu CT on … Continue reading

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New Affiliate: FightersMarket.com

I’m proud to announce our first site sponsor, FightersMarket.com.  I’ve made several purchase from them over the past few months, and I’ve been please by their selection and customer service.  I first selected a new gi from their site, the … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Choke

I recently watched Choke, a documentary on Rickson Gracie and other fighters as they prepare for the 1995 Vale Tudo Championship tournament in Japan.  There’s a lot of  training and fighting action, so it’s fun to watch. While it’s mostly … Continue reading

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Minor Setbacks

I dislocated and broke my pinkie toe yesterday while rolling.  No idea how I did it–this was totally a freak thing.  It definitely looked a lot worse than it felt.  Leaving your toe bent at a right angle tends to … Continue reading

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Film Review: Force of the Spirit

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0800038/ “Fighting over 200 opponents is incredible. Fighting them with only 1 hand is impossible!”  From start to finish the tagline of this Jean Jacques Machado documentary pretty much sums it up.  The film is chock full of footage of … Continue reading

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Team DeLima Belt Test

Congratulations to everyone at the test!

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AWOL Videos

Sorry there were no new posts recently: the end of the school year is really cramping my style.  Hmmm . . . if there was only a nice long break for teachers after the insanity that is June!  Until then, … Continue reading

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