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The Old Ways of New Masters: Interview with Jay Bell

This week’s interview is with my jiu-jitsu coach and owner of Gracie Farmington Valley, Jay Bell. He has been training in “the gentle art” for over eleven years and is a black belt under Rob Khan. Jay is a talented … Continue reading

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BJJ Belt Test 1.8.11

Here is some video from the ridiculous BJJ test held at Plus One Defense Systems this weekend.  Needless to say it was very challenging, but everyone worked hard and learned a lot.  Those promoted to blue and purple definitely earned … Continue reading

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Marcus Aurelio Seminar Pics

The seminar was very fun and informative yesterday.  It was great to have a world class competitor and coach, Marcus Aurelio, there to provide lots of MMA and BJJ tips and techniques. After going overtime in both no-gi and gi … Continue reading

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AWOL Videos: Jay Bell

School’s starting up this week, and I’ll be pretty busy trying to get ready for my new students.  I should be able to post a new article soon; in the meanwhile I’ll try to keep up with Shohei-Ryu CT on … Continue reading

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