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Finally! An Update on Our Karate Children’s Book!

Like a million years ago (ok, last December) I announced that local artist, Marissa Dziedzic, and I wrote and illustrated a children’s book all about Shohei-Ryu karate.  The title is Cranky Kenny Learns Karate, and, if you couldn’t guess, it’s all … Continue reading

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How to Do CrossFit While Practicing Martial Arts Skills at the Same Time

Martial artists need to hone their skills every day. But we also need strength, agility, endurance, explosiveness, and flexibility. Training even one of these attributes can take a lot of time out of your day. But as Bruce Lee said, … Continue reading

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Moai Martial Arts Contest

Want to win some free swag from our MMA Shop?  Here’s a quick survey that we’d love for you to fill out.  Do you like the site refresh and enhancements we’ve been working on?  Please take a second to let us … Continue reading

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The Oni – A Karate Poem

After training alone in my home dojo this week, I recognized that without consistent practice in kata, I would probably go crazy.  It is a wonderful gift passed down from generation and generation: intricate movements worth mastering that provide self-defense … Continue reading

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Thanks from Your Favorite Martial Arts Blog!

I don’t have anything profound to say right now about gratitude or the holiday season or self-defense tips on how to stay safe during Black Friday.  All I can say is that ALar and I appreciate another great year of … Continue reading

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Samurai Sword HQ

If you’re like me, then ever since you were a kid you wanted a real-life, razor-sharp, totally beyond badass samurai sword.  I wanted one even before I started martial arts after reading the Return of the Ninja choose your own adventure book. … Continue reading

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Passion and Warfare: How to Stay True to Your Fighting Spirit

When I was a teenager, I was sort of obsessed with guitarist Steve Vai.  His wild, fiery rock and roll playing is outrageously technical, and, some say, a tad overwrought.  But his craziest runs are often balanced by quieter, thoughtful … Continue reading

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The Joy of Sumo

One of my new karate students recently shared his love of sumo wrestling with me. I’ve always admired the wrestlers and their special mix of enormous size and explosive athleticism. Here are some excellent examples of bouts and techniques that … Continue reading

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The Old Ways of New Masters: Interview with Ross Enamait

The second installment of The Old Ways of New Masters may seem to turn off course a little bit.  Here is an interview with pro boxing coach and fitness pioneer Ross Enamait.  While Ross is focused on the sport aspects … Continue reading

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The Old Ways of New Masters

Once upon a time, before taking up teaching karate and starting a family, I began a book proposal about martial arts and their effects on the lives of Americans.  The working title was The Old Ways of New Masters, and I decided to focus on people … Continue reading

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