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How to Do CrossFit While Practicing Martial Arts Skills at the Same Time

Martial artists need to hone their skills every day. But we also need strength, agility, endurance, explosiveness, and flexibility. Training even one of these attributes can take a lot of time out of your day. But as Bruce Lee said, … Continue reading

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The Old Ways of New Masters: Interview with Ross Enamait

The second installment of The Old Ways of New Masters may seem to turn off course a little bit.  Here is an interview with pro boxing coach and fitness pioneer Ross Enamait.  While Ross is focused on the sport aspects … Continue reading

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Up in Arms II: One Martial Artist’s Thoughts on Gun Control

First off, thanks to Jesse “Doc” Sweeny from Gun Control=More Crime Connecticut for responding to my first post on gun control. I’ve been reading and rereading his very thoughtful and sincere comments. If you haven’t had time to sort through … Continue reading

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Three Quick Tips on Starting a Martial Art (as Presented by Bruce Lee)

I’ve been teaching martial arts informally for a long time, and I’ve been running my own programs at Gracie Farmington Valley since 2011.  I encounter new students all the time with various levels of experience in the martial arts.  I’m … Continue reading

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Poetry in Motion

I generally consider this a family-friendly blog, but please indulge me this PG-13 rated post. (It’s really not that bad!) First, a story. Teaching high school English is my day job, and we recently held an assembly on how to … Continue reading

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String Break!

Ok, ok. The title would have been a bit more apropos back in March or April. Whatever. Here’s a video of me practicing a tricky board break I saw Walter Mattson complete at a demo many years ago. He dangled … Continue reading

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Ouch! (A Story of Neglected Training)

Remember gym class?  If you’re a child of the 80’s or 90’s, you were probably part of a group of kids who had to start writing essays instead of running laps.  At least in Massachusetts, where I grew up, the … Continue reading

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The 5 Greatest Martial Arts Actors of All Time

 Hi, Everyone:  Here’s a fun guest post courtesy Sam Getter from MMA Combat.  If you get a chance, take a look at the site: it’s a great place for news and updates about your favorite fighters and promotions! – Bill … Continue reading

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Laughing at Bruce Lee

I shoveled my driveway again today, and though it wasn’t hard work by any means (only a few inches of light snow), all the nagging pains acquired this winter came right back.  It seems like it’s been a million years … Continue reading

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Black Friday Deals

Not to add to the orgy of comercial chaos that is Black Friday, but here are a few sites featuring specials you may find too good to pass up! Dick’s Two-Day Deals REI Winter Sale Karate Depot Fighter’s Market has … Continue reading

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