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The Life of a Part-Time Fighter

Hi, Everyone:  From time to time we’ll share a guest post, and here’s a unique look at the the life a part-time MMA fighter by our friend Craig Boyle.  He is an MMA fighter and journalist in the UK and represents Maxinutrition. … Continue reading

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Onnit 180 Review

If you’re like ALar and me, you’re still recovering from watching Bigfoot and Mark Hunt last Friday night!  No better time than to direct you to some info about a new supplement, review courtesy of our sister site,  There … Continue reading

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Legal Doping? A List of Nutritional Supplements That Are Too Good To Be True

I’m not a competitive athlete, but I am interested in becoming as healthy and fit as I can be. I do have martial arts students and my new son to stay in shape for, after all. So I research and … Continue reading

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Coconut Water: The Hype is Real

The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Drink For over a year now I have been full–steam ahead on the coconut water hype train. If I don’t have a stash of the stuff in my fridge, I feel like a drug … Continue reading

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Best Post-Workout Treatments

We recently discussed recovery on our sister site,, but here’s a complementary piece written by Virginia Cunningham, a fitness writer and yoga practicioner, that offers another perspective.  Enjoy! – Bill __________ Best Post-Workout Treatments When you do over ninety minutes … Continue reading

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Nootropics for Martial Artists

Here’s a cross post from sister (father?) site about nootropics. Also known as smart drugs, these naturally derived and synthetic substances to help to improve memory and focus for many people.

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Healthy Breakfast Shake of Champions

I’ve been searching for a good, nutritional breakfast solution for quite some time.  I don’t train in the mornings as much as I used to; instead, I’m in a rush to get ready for school while going through my baby’s … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Recovery Cocktail

I think I post some version of recovery drink at least once a year. Here’s my newest combination of goodies meant to make training harder and more frequently a lot easier on your body! I’ll start by making a heretical … Continue reading

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Fitness Tips for the Sleep-Deprived

If you follow this blog, you know why I’m writing this post. I’ve been a dad for a little more than a month now, and I’ve come to realize two things: 1. I love my son unconditionally even though he … Continue reading

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Newsflash? Healthy Food is Cheaper than Junk Food

This may not be news to the healthy eaters out there, but last week news stories like this one from NPR stated something that should be a lot more obvious to consumers:  Junk food is not only bad for your health, … Continue reading

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