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How Moving Meditation Can Help You in the Martial Arts

We’ve had a beautiful stretch of weather in New England this week after a long, snowy winter. That’s why I couldn’t help but hold my karate classes at Gracie Farmington Valley outside! The kids loved getting to run around and … Continue reading

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In Defense of Kata Part 2

This post is a continuation of the kata commentary I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope we continue the good discussion on Reddit, Facebook, and on this blog. Read on and let us know some of your thoughts about … Continue reading

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In Defense of Kata

Here’s a simple fact: some people like practicing katas (forms), and some people don’t. You can delve into this debate just about anywhere martial arts are discussed in gyms or on the Internet. MMA and BJJ guys think they’re a … Continue reading

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Kanshiwa Kata

Here’s the second kata in Shohei-ryu Karate as performed by yours truly.  Questions and comments are welcome, as always.  Thanks!

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The Three Main Katas

As Uechi-Ryu/Shohei-Ryu students know, Master Uechi brought three katas to Okinawa from China after returning to his homeland.  We tend to focus on these katas more than others for good reason: they are the foundation of our style, and everything … Continue reading

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The Five Principles of Sanchin

I’m fresh from the Aki Renshu event at the Okinawan Karate School in Pittsfield, MA.  It was definitely a great opportunity to train with Masters Higa and Takamiyagi, and thanks to Senseis Mark and Connie Flynn for hosting. While I … Continue reading

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Death by Kata (and resistance training)

At my dojo there’s an old workout we call Death by Kata. The name says it all: we run through our eight katas, three to four times each. It usually takes under 30 minutes, as there’s no break between katas. … Continue reading

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