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UFC 171: Crowning a New Welterweight King

Well, my MMA diet feels like it has taken a vegan turn over the last few months… We had a bountiful meaty feast back at UFC 168, and a decent chicken dinner for UFC 169, but every other event hasn’t … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Trane UFC

I generally don’t disclose my lifelong interest in martial arts to my English classes.  The inevitable conversation ensues: You do karate?  Why are you a teacher?  You should fight in the UFC! After all, if Kevin James can do it, so can … Continue reading

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The Way of the Fight by Georges St. Pierre: A Book Review

You’d think a champion in mixed martial arts would have some difficulty reflecting on his success and that he’d be reluctant to share his secrets. The demanding training schedule, the blows to the head, and his training camp’s requirements for … Continue reading

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The ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’: A Chronology

The Baddest Man on the Planet: A Chronology By Alex Larsen All things considered, any man that wants to step into a ring or cage and fight another dude is a ‘Bad man’ in my book.  The title ‘Baddest Man … Continue reading

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Anderson Silva Eat Your Heart Out

This video of Jean-Claude Van Damme and GSP is a little too cool for a mere tweet. Yeah, clearly The Muscles from Brussels is taking a page from Steven Seagal’s playbook by hitching his wagon to an MMA star. So … Continue reading

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The Seth Davis Predicament: How do we educate?

Depending on how tuned in to the MMA Twittersphere you are, you may or may not have seen a conversation between Ariel Helwani and CBS College Hoops broadcaster Seth Davis yesterday morning. Davis let loose some inflammatory and somewhat degrading … Continue reading

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ALar’s UFC 154 Preview: He’s Baaaaaaaaaackkk!

Dana White can utter just two tiny words to sell Saturday night’s UFC 154 Pay Per View to the masses: “He’s Back.” Saturday night in Montreal, Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre returns to the cage for the first time since … Continue reading

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UFC 129 Quick Picks

I guess I’m a little late to weigh in on what looks like the most stacked card since UFC 100, but here goes. Nick Diaz vs. Rory Macdonald Diaz has looked great his last few times out. Watching him pick … Continue reading

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