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Why Leslie Knope is my Karate Idol

A lot of people have favorite karateka: Chuck Norris, Lyoto Machida, Rex Kwon Do. But I propose a different person to look up to.  Someone not exactly known for her martial arts prowess.  Someone like Leslie Knope. I’ll admit my choice … Continue reading

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Can the Dreamcatcher slay The Dragon?

A UFC Fight Night 36 Preview After a decision heavy UFC 169 card a few weeks ago, the Zuffa brass are hoping that this event going down in Brazil will have plenty of excitement for the viewing public. A slugfest … Continue reading

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Karate Congrats!

This was a big weekend for several of my karate heroes! First, I’d like to congratulate my sensei, Ed DeCosta for achieving his 9th-dan while training in Okinawa this week. After a lifetime of training and teaching, it is a … Continue reading

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UFC 163: Dragons and Zombies in Brazil!

So we are letting Zombies fight in cages now? Cool with me. So this Saturday, the UFC begins a barrage of Pay Per View title fights that will take us to the end of 2013. In the Main Event of … Continue reading

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UFC on FOX: Shogun v. Vera Title Shot? Or not…

UFC ON FOX Shogun v. Vera: Title shot? Or not… This Saturday, the UFC returns to network TV with a four fight card on Fox. This event is another victim of the injury bug that the organization just can’t kick. … Continue reading

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Standing Guillotine Defense

Well, it was fun to watch the fights last night–lots of surprises!  It looks like many of the fighters–and the fans–learned a lot.  Mark Hominick found out Zombies can actually be pretty quick.  Tito learned that his ribs can’t take … Continue reading

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A Quick(er) Look at UFC 140: Jones v. Machida

By ALar88 This Saturday the UFC treats us with another loaded card.  The event on Saturday is filled with past champions and future stars.  The night begins with an elite featherweight bout between Jung Chan-Sung AKA “The Korean Zombie” versus … Continue reading

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How Long Does it Take?

That last post and poll sparked another question for me: how much of a role does experience play in combat sports or fighting in general?  Former champ  Lyoto Machida earned his title after a lifetime of training in karate and … Continue reading

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UFC 140 Quick Pick!

Who do you have for Saturday’s main event?  (I love Jones, but I think most of you know who I’d like to see with the belt!)

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UFC 123

Needless to say I’m looking forward to this one because of Machida vs. Rampage.  It will be interesting to see how style match up this time.  Rampage doesn’t utilize the same technique as Shogun, but he is equally aggressive when … Continue reading

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