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Popular Workouts for Martial Artists

There’s a neat review of some popular, efficient, and effective workouts posted on our sister site, Jacked Dad you might enjoy.  These workouts are great for martial artists looking to improve performance, to supplement their conditioning, and who don’t have … Continue reading

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Onnit 180 Review

If you’re like ALar and me, you’re still recovering from watching Bigfoot and Mark Hunt last Friday night!  No better time than to direct you to some info about a new supplement, review courtesy of our sister site,  There … Continue reading

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The Joy of Sumo

One of my new karate students recently shared his love of sumo wrestling with me. I’ve always admired the wrestlers and their special mix of enormous size and explosive athleticism. Here are some excellent examples of bouts and techniques that … Continue reading

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Coconut Water: The Hype is Real

The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Drink For over a year now I have been full–steam ahead on the coconut water hype train. If I don’t have a stash of the stuff in my fridge, I feel like a drug … Continue reading

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The Way of the Fight by Georges St. Pierre: A Book Review

You’d think a champion in mixed martial arts would have some difficulty reflecting on his success and that he’d be reluctant to share his secrets. The demanding training schedule, the blows to the head, and his training camp’s requirements for … Continue reading

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Feel the Burn!

Here’s a quick review of the Burn Machine Speed Bag. Popularized in MMA by Anderson Silva and Brock Lesnar, this spinnymajig is made of steel and chrome and comes in weights between 4, 8, and 12 pounds. Here’s a compilation … Continue reading

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Reserve some time for No Reservations

In my humble opinion, Anthony Bourdain’s travel show ‘No Reservations’ is one of the best ways to spend an hour watching television. If you are (shamefully!) in the the dark on ‘No Reservations’, the show features Bourdain taking a no … Continue reading

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Quick and Dirty Soap Review

Ever get ring worm? Had it twice this year. Staph infection? Yeah, I got that too. If you’ve never picked up something from the mats or a training partner, both suck, and both are really scary if you try to … Continue reading

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The Best Non-Lethal Weapons for Home Defense

Here’s another guest post from friend and site contributor Madison Parker from  Her last post on our site was about how to keep your home safe over the holidays.  This one is full of practical protection advice to use year … Continue reading

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How to Be a Half-Assed Vegetarian

Moo So I’ve been cycling off meat and dairy recently.  As a byproduct of last year’s experiment with the Slow Carb Diet by Timothy Ferriss, I found myself eating A LOT of meat.  I was stuck in a sort of cycle: grill some … Continue reading

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