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Guest Post: Sensei Connie Flynn

It was fun to write a guest post on the Ikigai Way blog last week.  I thought I’d return the favor to you.  Here’s a short piece written by Sensei Connie Flynn of ZenQuest Martial Arts Center in Lenox, MA. … Continue reading

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What type of martial arts school is best for you? POLL

Here’s the follow up poll to last week’s post.  Let us know what you think!

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How to tell which type of martial arts school is best for you!

What type of martial arts school is best? Here’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  There are many different types of martial arts school to choose from.  But it’s not easy to pick based on the name, the instructors, … Continue reading

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Roid Rage! Part II

Given the controversy over Nate Marquart’s testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) this week and its repercussions throughout the MMA world, I thought I’d provide a rare re-post of an article from last September.  The scandal, and Marquart’s subsequent firing from the … Continue reading

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Invisible Children

Those interested in the fighting arts appreciate violence in a different way than most people.  We seek to tame and understand the darker parts of human nature through mental and physical training.  We try to use what we learn to … Continue reading

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The Fighter’s Mind

Since I’m from Red Sox Nation, it’s tough for me to start a post with the old Yogi Berra quote, “95% of this game is half mental.”  His words typically spark a discussion of the demands sports place on the … Continue reading

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The Slow-Carb Diet: Final Thoughts

It’s been a bit of a long run, but here is my final post on the Slow-Carb Diet as detailed in Timothy Ferriss’s The 4-hour Body. I know a few other people who’ve tried it with good success.  Here is one … Continue reading

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Devouring Culture

The myriad ads shown during the Super Bowl surprised, entertained, inspired, and even offended over 100 million people on Sunday night–myself included.  I confess despite growing up near Gillette Stadium (still Sullivan Stadium to locals), I really only watch one … Continue reading

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Not to get too serious during the holidays, but I’ve spent some time thinking lately about Hunger as a concept, rather than just an uncomfortable feeling we have before dinner. Here are some of my thoughts and observations and how … Continue reading

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I always hear the analogy that the martial arts are like “human chess.”  It always made sense to me, as I know both the sport and the game require mastery of strategy.  What I never realized was what happens when … Continue reading

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