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How Long Does it Take?

That last post and poll sparked another question for me: how much of a role does experience play in combat sports or fighting in general?  Former champ  Lyoto Machida earned his title after a lifetime of training in karate and … Continue reading

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Street Fighter 5: MMA Edition

Street Fighter 5: MMA Edition By ALar88 Here at Moai Martial Arts, we often like to think theoretically about the sport of MMA and its athletes. We toss around questions like, could Anderson Silva beat Brock Lesnar? Does BJ Penn … Continue reading

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How to tell which type of martial arts school is best for you!

What type of martial arts school is best? Here’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile.  There are many different types of martial arts school to choose from.  But it’s not easy to pick based on the name, the instructors, … Continue reading

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New School Update – Gracie Farmington Valley

I’ve been alluding to this over the last few weeks, so here’s the official news!  I will be the head karate instructor at Gracie Farmington Valley in Tariffville, CT. Click our logo for more information.  The school’s site is still … Continue reading

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Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: How it Needs to Happen

Anderson Silva vs. Georges St. Pierre: Do We Really Want to See it? With Anderson Silva’s recent beatdown of Yushin Okami at UFC 134, the MMA community has started spit balling the idea of a “Superfight” between The Spider and … Continue reading

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Sorry there’s been no new content on our site for a little while.  Hurricane Irene killed the electricity to the area for the better part of last week.  No power, no posts! We haven’t been lazy though.  Look for some … Continue reading

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Full Nelson: The Wrestling Dilemma

Here is a post from our newest correspondent, Aidanfitzy9933.  He’s a sports nut, and he’s here to discuss some of his thoughts about his favorite form of athletic competition: wrestling.  If you haven’t taken the time to learn more about … Continue reading

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Moai Martial Arts Top Ten Ranking

So my picks for UFC 132 didn’t go so well. Actually, they were awful. I didn’t get a single one right. But that in itself is a reminder why we follow the sport and support the UFC. You can somehow … Continue reading

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Marcus Aurelio Seminar Pics

The seminar was very fun and informative yesterday.  It was great to have a world class competitor and coach, Marcus Aurelio, there to provide lots of MMA and BJJ tips and techniques. After going overtime in both no-gi and gi … Continue reading

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Marcus Aurelio Seminar in Colchester, CT

Here’s a belated reminder about the Marcus Aurelio seminar this weekend at America’s Best Defense in Colchester.  It should be awesome!  There will be two classes: one is no-gi MMA style and the other is a gi class.  Click below … Continue reading

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